About The Artist

Hello! My name is Rawn Clark and I'm the creator of everything here at RawnMade.

I was born 3 April 1958 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA but have spent the majority of my life in Northern California.

I began pursuing Bardon's system of Hermetic initiation at the age of 25 and became involved in online forums a dozen years later. I then spent the next 13 years answering Bardon-related questions online. My main website ABardonCompanion.com contains the harvest of those many years.

RawnMade.com on the other hand, contains the even bigger harvest of my lifetime-long work as an artist! But of course I am both artist and magician so most of what you will find here has a magical aspect to its artistry.

My current art work is architectural in nature and the media I have found that fits best with that nature is corrugated cardboard, heavy card and a mixture of arcylic paint and glue. In other words, I make pretty and useful things out of cardboard boxes. :) Surprisingly though, the technique I have developed renders my work as strong and durable as if it were made of wood instead of paper.

I've been working with coardboard for about 20 years and all of my techniques are self-taught -- mostly through trial and error. In fact, the only art schooling I've received was in ceramics during my highschool years.

These days, I primarily make magical tools but every so often I find the time for purely creative "boxes" that serve no magical function other than their aesthetic effect.