The Astro-Resonator

Since I have completed a full set of 10 Radiators and am no longer making them, I have finalized plans for a new magical tool for sale, the Astro-Resonator. It has taken me almost six years to figure out the design for this tool! Countless designs have been considered and discussed and played with and even in one case partially constructed, but all were eventually rejected due to their enormous size or their technical impossibility or their prohibitive expense. Ideally, this tool would be the size of Stonehenge, but barring that possibility, I have finally managed to figure out how to accomplish my main goals in a manageable size, a reasonable price and without too many construction-miracles required.

The Astro-Resonator is a multi-purpose astrologically based tool which is suited especially for work with David Coleman’s “The 26 Keys: The Magic of the Astral Light” and Franz Bardon’s “Practice of Magical Evocation”. Built around the 360 intelligences of the ‘Zone Girdling the Earth’ (i.e., the 360 degrees of the Zodiac) and outfitted with tuned representations of 14 different astrological factors, the Astro-Resonator can be used in the exploration of any astrological phenomena (e.g., natal charts, transits and progressions) and in the evocation of the 360 Zonal intelligences as well as the beings of the higher Spheres.

In size, the Astro-Resonator measures approximately 24” diameter and stands about 12” tall. The top disk is 12-sided with a 14-sided inner section and the base is 8-sided with four square sections and four triangular sections.

The base houses 360 1” long slender double-terminated clear quartz crystals in 12 drawers (stacked three per side on the four square sides). Each of these crystals is individually tuned to one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Each of the 12 zodiacal drawers contains 30 tuned crystals, one for each degree of the drawer’s respective sign. Furthermore, each zodiacal drawer is connected (using copper, silver and gold wires) to copper tubing which leads up to further very complex wiring within the top disk (where all the action occurs).

The base also serves as storage space for the 29 other tuned and un-tuned movable crystals that come with the Astro-Resonator. There are a total of 16 un-wired storage drawers: 3 in each of the triangular sections of the base and one at the bottom of each square section (beneath the zodiacal drawers).

The contents of the 12 zodiacal drawers are wired directly into the top disk around the edge. Each sign is bound to a copper tube that protrudes slightly above the surface and is topped with a small tuned clear quartz sphere. Deep within the body of the disk, these 12 copper tubes are connected to each other with a combination of gold, silver and copper wires, thus accommodating all of the traditional zodiacal connections or aspects.

Filling the center of the top disk is a 14-sided area with 14 pie-shaped slots to contain the various crystals tuned to the 14 aforementioned astrological factors. The natures of 7 of these slots are predetermined and correspond to the 7 occult or traditional planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The remaining 7 slots are nondescript and may be used as desired for the other 7 factors (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Ceres and the Lunar Nodes). Each of the 14 slots are wired directly to a copper shaft at the center point of the top disk.

To use the Astro-Resonator, tuned crystals are placed in the slots and a sphere or quartz wand is placed atop the central copper tube. For example, to explore a natal chart, the tuned crystals corresponding to the 14 astrological parts are placed in their respective slots along with the zodiacal crystal for their natal degree. For example, if Sun is at 1° Aries then the 1° Aries crystal is removed from the Aries drawer and placed in the Sun slot along with the Sun crystal, and so on for each factor used. Once the natal chart has been represented in this way, then the clear quartz sphere is placed at the center of the disk atop the copper tube. The sphere gathers up all of the input from all of the other crystals, amplifies it and radiates it in a form that makes exploration easy.

To work with transits, the transiting degree is used instead of (or in conjunction with) the natal degree and likewise, to work with progressions, the progressed degree is added. Or a single factor, such as a single planet, can be explored by employing just its crystal along with a degree crystal (if relevant). In fact any combination desired can be explored by merely changing the crystals present within the 14 slots.

For purposes of evocation or for any work with the higher spheres, the same basic principles apply except that instead of using the clear quartz sphere at the center, the obsidian sphere is used. For example, to evoke or contact the intelligence of the 1st degree of Aries, the 1° Aries crystal is placed alone into one of the undesignated slots and the obsidian sphere is placed atop the central copper tube. The obsidian sphere gathers up the input from the tuned 1° Aries crystal, amplifies it and, instead of radiating it, forms a gateway between the user and the 1° Aries intelligence.

The Astro-Resonator may also be used to amplify and project any astrological factor or combination of factors through use of the un-tuned quartz “wand”. Once the factors are arrayed in the slots, the “wand” is fitted into the central copper tube. The “wand” gathers up all of the input, amplifies it and projects it for the user to direct (e.g., to charge an amulet).

The Astro-Resonator comes with a custom made silk cover and silk wrappings for all of the included crystals.

The are 401 crystals involved in the Astro-Resonator:

And, there is well over 650 feet of wire and tubing involved, all of which makes for a very expensive tool. The crystals alone cost about €1,500 making for over €2,000 in materials cost per Astro-Resonator. Therefore, I will be charging €6,000 for a custom made Astro-Resonator. I require a €2,000 deposit (for ordering crystals and wire) to begin work, followed by monthly installments of at least €500 with any balance due before shipping. I estimate construction will take between 6 to 8 months. International shipping is included in the price. For inquiries, contact