Here is a gallery with 270 images of much of my past non-magical work with cardboard. Due to the number of pieces, this gallery is not in any sort of chronological order, nor is there any commentary on the images.

card008_small.jpg card009_small.jpg card010_small.jpg card011_small.jpg
card012_small.jpg card013_small.jpg card014_small.jpg card015_small.jpg
card016_small.jpg card017_small.jpg card018_small.jpg card019_small.jpg
card020_small.jpg card021_small.jpg card022_small.jpg card023_small.jpg
card024_small.jpg card025_small.jpg card026_small.jpg card027_small.jpg
card028_small.jpg card029_small.jpg card030_small.jpg card031_small.jpg
card032_small.jpg card033_small.jpg card034_small.jpg card035_small.jpg
card036_small.jpg card037_small.jpg card038_small.jpg card039_small.jpg
card040_small.jpg card052_small.jpg card053_small.jpg card054_small.jpg
card055_small.jpg card056_small.jpg card057_small.jpg card058_small.jpg
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