Here is a gallery with 270 images of much of my past non-magical work with cardboard. Due to the number of pieces, this gallery is not in any sort of chronological order, nor is there any commentary on the images.

card059_small.jpg card060_small.jpg card061_small.jpg card062_small.jpg
card063_small.jpg card064_small.jpg card065_small.jpg card066_small.jpg
card067_small.jpg card068_small.jpg card069_small.jpg card070_small.jpg
card071_small.jpg card072_small.jpg card073_small.jpg card074_small.jpg
card075_small.jpg card076_small.jpg card077_small.jpg card078_small.jpg
card079_small.jpg card080_small.jpg card081_small.jpg card082_small.jpg
card083_small.jpg card084_small.jpg card085_small.jpg card086_small.jpg
card087_small.jpg card088_small.jpg card089_small.jpg card090_small.jpg
card091_small.jpg card092_small.jpg card093_small.jpg card094_small.jpg
card095_small.jpg card096_small.jpg card097_small.jpg card098_small.jpg
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