Here is a gallery with 270 images of much of my past non-magical work with cardboard. Due to the number of pieces, this gallery is not in any sort of chronological order, nor is there any commentary on the images.

pyl03_small.jpg pyl04_small.jpg pyl05_small.jpg pyl06_small.jpg
pyl07_small.jpg rainbow01_small.jpg rainbow02_small.jpg rainbow03_small.jpg
rainbow04_small.jpg rainbow05_small.jpg rainbow06_small.jpg rainbow07_small.jpg
red101_small.jpg red102_small.jpg red103_small.jpg red104_small.jpg
red105_small.jpg red106_small.jpg red107_small.jpg red201_small.jpg
red202_small.jpg red203_small.jpg red204_small.jpg red205_small.jpg
red206_small.jpg red207_small.jpg tardis_small.jpg tardis01_small.jpg
tardis02_small.jpg tardis03_small.jpg
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