The Gate Maker

Approximate Dimensions: 16.5” (42cm) tall x 14” (36cm) wide x 8" (20.5cm) deep.

Materials: Cardboard, Card, Wood Glue, Acrylic Paints, Glow-in-the-dark Paint, 10 Quartz Spheres,

14k Gold (filled) Wire, Sterling Silver Wire, Copper Wire, Synthetic Felt and Spray Lacquer.

Created: Custom made to order! [Allow 12 weeks to ship after date of order.]

Price: $500.00 with free shipping worldwide!

The Gra Tree Gate Maker is designed to fulfill only one purpose — to facilitate the exploration / working of the 182 Gates. In this regard, it is unlike any of the other tools I have created, each of which can accommodate several different functions. Structurally, it is a very simple tool.

Aside from the external decorations (which contribute to its functionality only at the astra-mental level of emotional significance), the working mechanism of The Gate Maker is composed of 10 small (18mm diameter), perfectly clear, quartz spheres, connected by strands of (22 gauge) Gold, Silver and Copper wires. The 10 spheres are arrayed in the Gra Tree of Life pattern and the metal wires are inserted in such a way as to form the 22 Lettered and the 14 un-Lettered connections inherent to the Gra Tree image.

I've relied upon my usual medium of corrugated cardboard to support this structure of spheres and wire. The main body of The Gate Maker consists of a 7 layer thick rectangle of corrugated cardboard into which I cut 10 holes for the spheres and then incised the 36 connections into the top-most layer.

Each connection between the Sephirotic spheres consists of 3 wires which have been carefully laid into the incision. Each wire was cut long enough to have a couple of inches excess to wrap around the interior of each sphere-hole, thus making physical contact with each quartz sphere once inserted.

Three strands of Sterling Silver wire were used for the Pillar of Severity (left-hand side of Binah, Geburah and Hod); three strands of 14k Gold filled wire for the Pillar of Mercy (right-hand side of Chokmah, Gedulah and Netzach); and, a combination of Copper, Silver and Gold (one strand of each) was used for the Pillar of Equilibrium (center of Kether, Tiphareth, Yesod and Malkuth).

Each connection originating from the Pillar of Severity is composed of two Silver strands and one strand of the wire that corresponds to the Pillar of its termination. For example, the connection between Binah and Netzach consists of two Silver and one Gold; and, from Binah to Tiphareth, two Silver and one Copper. Likewise, connections originating from the Pillar of Mercy contain two Gold strands and one strand corresponding to the Pillar of termination. And finally, connections originating from the Pillar of Equilibrium consist of two Copper strands and one strand of its termination Pillar.

Once the wiring is complete, the sphere-hole bottoms are painted with their corresponding colors and a face of 1/16 inch thick dense card is applied to cover the wiring incisions. The face is then painted Gold and the decorative pattern of connecting "Paths" are glued in place.

Then the black monolithic enclosure is built around The Gate Maker. Embedded within the structure of the enclosure is a half-inch grid of Copper wire which serves to shield The Gate Maker mechanism from all external influences. When the construction of the enclosure is complete, it is painted and decorated. The decoration of the back side is simple — the Hebrew script of TMO Canticle is presented in glow-in-the-dark lettering.

Finally, the Quartz spheres are inserted and the decorative Sephirotic disks are glued in place. The Gate Maker is then attached to its three-tiered base (which is painted Gold and has a felt covered bottom) and the entire piece is given a thick protective coating of spray lacquer.

In total, over 150 hours of labor go into the construction of each Gate Maker.

Once construction is fully completed, I "tune" all 10 of the crystals to their respective Sephirotic essences. The tuning process, which takes about 2 hours to complete, begins with the Kether sphere and ends with the Malkuth sphere.

My tuning technique is an aspect of what I call "emulation magic". I begin by filling the Quartz sphere with a very dense accumulation of Kethric Brilliance — this cleanses the sphere and "opens" its physio-astra-mental structure. I then transfer my awareness into the Quartz sphere and become the chosen Sephirotic state of BEing. This action transforms the Kethric Brilliance (which suffuses the Quartz sphere) into said Sephirotic state of BEing. The end result is that the physio-astra-mental structure of the Quartz sphere is permanently impressed with the essential meaning of the Sephirotic state of BEing. Or, in other words, it is "tuned" to the Sephirotic essence!

Once all ten spheres are tuned, the physio-astra-mental energetic of the Tree stabilizes and becomes a permanent, "locked in" aspect of the physical Gate Maker.

Prior to shipping, The Gate Maker is surrounded by a simple energetic shield designed to protect from extraneous energies during transit. This shield will automatically dissipate within minutes of receipt by its new owner.

Not only is The Gate Maker simple in its structure, it's also very simple to operate and use. :) All that is required to "make" a Gate is for the operator to impregnate the relevant Sephirotic spheres with either the Adonai Light or the Kethric Brilliance. Because of the wiring, the connections between Sephirot automatically form once the relevant spheres have been charged. The spheres must be charged in the sequence of the Gate itself. For example, if one is making the Gate of Kether-to-Chokmah, one must first charge the Kether sphere and then the Chokmah sphere.

To "work" or explore the Gate thus formed, one simply projects their astra-mental awareness into the starting sphere and then proceeds to follow the Gate's sequence. [Please note that to "work" a Gate, it is pursued in a "forward" sequence and then a "reverse" sequence.]

Included with your Gate Maker is a data-DVD that contains the following:

To order your Gra Tree Gate Maker please send an email to me directly at so we can discuss approximate shipping date and payment.

NOTE: Also available in the Hebrew Tree format for working with the "231 Gates of Initiation" ($500.00) and in a double-sided format with the Gra Tree on one side and the Hebrew Tree on the other ($800.00).