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"Making a Simple Box" Video Series

Here is a new five part instructional video series filmed from the 17th through 25th of June detailing how to make a simple small box with detachable lid.

"Making a Radiator" Video Series

Late August 2014 marked completion of the new, re-designed Radiator which I introduced in a YouTube video. Near the end of the video, I announced that I was going to be making only three more Radiators, bringing my "career" total to ten. To my amazement and joy, all three of the final Radiators (the Netzach, Hod and Malkuth Radiators according to the Gra Tree) were ordered within a span of two days from posting the video! So I embarked upon an approximately six month journey of making three Radiators simultaneously in preparation for the spring 2015 thaw when I was once again able to spray lacquer (the final step in construction that requres relatively warm, dry weather).

Since these were to be my final Radiators, I decided to video-document the construction process in the hope that perhaps someone else will feel inspired to pick up where I left off and make their own set of ten Radiators.

The series begins with a very important video about tuning the crystals for a Radiator. This part concerns me very much because it is the tuning of the crystals that turns this mash of cardboard and crystals into a Radiator! Yet I fear that few, if any, will be able to manage this part without a specific course of training. So, a "Crystal Tuning Course" video starts off my "Making a Radiator" series.

"Mineral Familiars: BEing With Stones" Video Series

From late-April through mid-June 2014 I made a video series with David Coleman about working with stones.